We are welcoming new patients!

Once you visit our office once, we know you will love it! Please see our new patient special invitation offers below!


New Patient Specials

At Emerald Dental, we understand that these are challenging times. Many people have lost both their jobs and their dental insurance coverage. We are pleased to offer these cash special options for people who need dental treatment but do not have insurance.

Offers cannot be combined with insurance. Valid for 60 days.

$0 Teeth Cleanings

With most insurance plans. Healthy mouth cleanings only, in the absence of periodontal disease. Call for details.


No insurance? We offer a $79 Comprehensive New Patient Exam, X-Rays and Treatment Plan

Free Second Opinions

Got a diagnosis you are not sure about? Come into our office for a free second opinion.

No Insurance?

Emerald Dental Premier Care Plan
Designed specifically for patients who don’t have insurance but are serious about maintaining a healthy smile.
NO Deductibles. NO Claims Process. NO Annual Maximum. NO Waiting Period.

(423) 308-5597

Please call us with any questions or to schedule an appointment.